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We have brand new, used and refurbished Kodak and Carestream Gel Logic Systems and Image Stations.

in vivo msfx pro

Carestream In-Vivo MSFX Pro


Complete automated In-Vivo MSFX Small Animal, Preclinical Imaging System including high-resolution X-ray, 29-position excitation filter wheel, 400-watt xenon light source, 4-position emission filter wheel, 4MP deeply cooled CCD camera with 0.95 F-stop fixed lens, animal chamber, trays & heater, Carestream MI imaging and analysis software, multispectral unmixing software, bone density analysis software, manuals, installation & training.

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Carestream Image Station 4000MM-FL


The IS4000MM Pro-FL is a very sensitive imaging system for chemiluminescent detection of western blots and true macro fluorescence imaging applications, especially gels, plates, assays and blots. The IS4000MM-FL uses a 4.0MP deeply cooled scientific CCD camera with a 0.95 F-stop motor-controlled fixed lens for 4 orders linear dynamic range detection. The system comes with your choice of a 180 or 400 watt xenon light source, 10 or 29 position excitation filter wheel, choice of 8 different wavelength emission filters, Caresteam MI software, manuals and users guides.

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Carestream Gel Logic 6000 Pro

New & Used

The Gel Logic 6000 Pro is a large format imaging systems for in vitro applications in biomedical research. It utilizes a 4.0MP deeply cooled CCD camera, 0.95 F-stop fixed lens, an array of excitation LED's and emission filters, UV light box, white light box and a elevator control for very sensitive and flexible chemiluminescence, fluorescence and visible light laboratory imaging.

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Kodak Image Station 4000MM


The older Kodak Image Station are still a very popular imaging platform. As a result we reburbish these system with new cameras and power supplies and resell them as replacements or duplicate units. The IS4000MM uses a 4.0MP deeply cooled CCD camera and a 10X zoom lens for chemiluminescence, fluorescence and visible light imaging on a 20cm x 20cm glass platen. Systems come with 150 watt halogen light sources, 5-position excitation filter slider and 4-position emission filter wheel.

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